Daraku Gear Mod APK – The Ultimate Guide to Rerolling and Getting the Best Start

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Daraku Gear Mod APK

Have you heard about the super popular hentai gacha game Daraku Gear? With its juicy 3D animations, kinky fetishes, and expansive roster of unique female characters, it has quickly become a fan favorite in the adult gaming genre.

But like most gacha games, getting a good start in Daraku Gear can make all the difference between staying competitive or falling hopelessly behind.

That’s why today, we’ll be bringing you the ultimate guide on how to reroll and get the best possible start in Daraku Gear!

Whether you’re a total beginner or a seasoned gacha gamer, this guide will teach you everything you need to know to get off on the right foot.

Why Rerolling Matters in Daraku Gear

For those new to gacha games, rerolling refers to the process of creating new accounts and using the starter resources to summon characters until you get a strong starting roster. This allows you to bypass the normal progression and start off with top tier characters right away.

In a game like Daraku Gear with hundreds of collectible characters, rerolling can make a massive difference in your experience. Getting one or two top rarity girls can allow you to breeze through content that would normally take months of grinding.

Some key reasons why rerolling is so important in Daraku Gear:

  • Gacha rates – The rates for 5-star girls are only 1.2%. Trying to get multiple copies of the same girl organically is unrealistic for most players. Rerolling sidesteps the abysmal rates.
  • Progression – Girls come with different skills, attributes and fetishes. Having the right ones makes progression smoother.
  • Events – Limited girls from events can take months to acquire normally. Rerolling lets you start with them immediately.
  • PvP – PvP matching is based on account power. Starting off strong lets you punch above your weight class.
  • Waifus – Let’s be real, we all have our favorite waifus. Rerolling lets you start off with your kinky dream team.

As you can see, rerolling gives you a big leg up as a new player. But it can also be tedious and time consuming. So let’s get into the best practices for rerolling quickly and efficiently in Daraku Gear.

Step 1 – Use a Daraku Gear Mod APK

The first step is to use a modded APK of the game rather than the official version from the app store. This allows you to bypass the normal time gates and tutorial sections to reroll faster.

Here are the key advantages of using a Daraku Gear mod APK:

  • Increased reroll speed – Skip tutorials, time gates and other delays.
  • Higher rates – Some mods increase 5-star rates to make rerolling easier.
  • Auto scripts – Automate rerolling instead of manual deletes and reinstalls.
  • Unlimited currency – Use unlimited diamonds to pull without running out.

Of course, keep in mind modded APKs come with risks like potential bans. I recommend rerolling normally once you’ve settled on an account.

There are a few mod APKs out there but I’ve had the best experience with the Daraku Gear Mod APK from It has all the key features you need to reroll quickly and smoothly.

Step 2 – Reroll Efficiently

Once you have your mod APK ready, it’s time to actually start rerolling. Here are some tips to speed up the process:

  • Only play through the minimum required tutorial stages and skip everything else.
  • Claim all the mail and starter bonuses right away. Avoid any time gates.
  • Only do the discounted first x10 summon on each banner. Don’t waste currency on singles.
  • Have an auto-clicker repeatedly clear data and restart if not using auto scripts.
  • Only look for top rarity (UR) girls, don’t settle for lower ones while rerolling.
  • Ideally get at least 2-3 good URs in your first two x10 pulls.
  • Save any accounts with great girls for comparison later. Don’t discard them immediately.
  • Stop once you have an account you’re happy with. Don’t get stuck in endless rerolling.

The goal is to minimize the time between clears and pulls. With an efficient reroll process, you can plow through dozens of accounts per hour until you get a keeper.

Step 3 – Target the Right Girls

Of course, you can’t just reroll blindly and hope for the best. To maximize your odds, you need to know which specific girls to target on your starter pulls.

Here are the top URs worth keeping from the starter banners:

Regular Pool

  • Alpha – Top AoE DPS with mech fetish. Great for clearing story stages.
  • Kaguya – Strong fire mage with healing abilities. Useful in many game modes.
  • Himari – Versatile physical DPS with charm and evade. Excellent for PvP.
  • Ayane – Wind support with party-wide attack buff and debuffs.

Limited Pool

  • Asuna – One of the best PvE DPS girls. Gets bonus stats during events.
  • Kirito – Solid dark element DPS with self-healing and sustain.
  • Yuuki – Magic knight with tankiness, healing and damage. Easy to use.
  • Silica – Top fire healer who enables aggressive playstyles. Hard to replace.

As you can see, the starter banners have a loaded lineup. Getting 1-2 of these girls in your initial pulls sets you up for long term success in Daraku Gear.

Here is a continuation of the blog post using the search results:

Step 4 – Reroll on Multiple Devices

If you really want to crank up reroll speeds, use multiple devices simultaneously. This allows you to reroll multiple accounts at the same time.

Some tips when rerolling on multiple devices:

  • Use emulators on a PC to simulate additional devices. Popular options are Bluestacks, LDPlayer and NoxPlayer.
  • Sync your reroll script or macros across all emulators. This lets you start rerolling on each one simultaneously with a single click.
  • Stagger when each instance clears data and restarts. Don’t have them all sync up or it may cause lag.
  • Color code each emulator window for easy visual tracking of which account is on which.
  • Keep a spreadsheet open to track details on each account. Note down any standout pulls for each.
  • Once you get a keeper, pause rerolling on that instance and switch to playing normally.

With a good multi-instance reroll setup, you can plow through hundreds of accounts per day until you get the perfect starter roster.

Step 5 – Gameplay Tips for Beginners

Alright, so you’ve finished rerolling and are ready to start playing Daraku Gear properly. Here are some tips to help you make the most of your shiny new starter account:

  • Complete all the novice missions to get easy diamonds, stamina pots, upgrade materials, etc. Don’t miss this low hanging fruit.
  • Progress through the story mode as far as you can. This unlocks features and increases account level for more stamina.
  • Join an active guild immediately. Guilds provide stat boosts, diamonds and summon medals.
  • Prioritize events and limited drops. The items from these are time-gated so get them while you can.
  • Save your diamonds after rerolling. Only spend on meta-defining banners. Avoid bait banners.
  • Only summon when you can hit pity. Never do single pulls as the rates are abysmal.
  • Balance upgrading multiple girls. Don’t dump everything into one DPS carry.
  • Gear and gear upgrades are just as important as leveling girls. Don’t neglect them.

And that covers the basics of getting started in Daraku Gear! Follow these tips and you’ll be far ahead of most players right from the word go.


Phew, that was a lot of info to cover! Here’s a quick recap of the key points:

  • Rerolling lets you start with top tier UR girls that would normally take months to acquire. This gives you a big competitive edge as a new player.
  • Use a Daraku Gear mod APK to bypass time gates and speed up the rerolling process.
  • Target top meta girls like Alpha, Kaguya, Himari, etc. on your starter pulls.
  • Reroll efficiently by minimizing time between pulls and only doing discounted x10 summons.
  • Use multiple emulators to reroll multiple accounts simultaneously.
  • Follow the beginner gameplay tips to make the most of your new account.

While rerolling can be tedious, it’s by far the best way to start strong in Daraku Gear. With an optimal starter roster, you’ll blast through content and dominate PvP in no time. So get rerolling, Commander – your sexy Gears and kinky fetish waifus await!

Let me know if you have any other questions in the comments. And please subscribe for more Daraku Gear tips and guides!

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